15/05/2017 to 01/09/2017
27/04/2017 to 02/05/2017
Summer is coming! Join ESN Madrid in the 12th edition of the biggest event for exchange students in all Europe
03/04/2017 to 08/04/2017
20/03/2017 to 26/03/2017
Let's make education and mobility accessible for all. Join us!!
09/03/2017 to 12/03/2017
Join the Facebook group to get involved in Madrid and meet other students in URJC!
27/02/2017 to 05/03/2017
Don't miss the opportunity of becoming the SocialErasmus hero!
24/02/2017 to 26/02/2017
10/02/2017 to 12/02/2017
Fullfill your wanderlust and travel with us to the neighbour country!