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About 2 years ago I applied for Erasmus programme. It was my dream since high school and when I came to university, I was sure that I will go on Erasmus.

My English was not perfect, I had lots of fears but nevertheless I was more than excited. I was happy.

It would take me many pages to write about my first Erasmus, which I have done in Zagreb, Croatia. By the way, I miss you Zagreb. But this time I want to tell you about my second one which was as amazing as the first one. 

Do not miss any event, save the dates of the upcoming trips and stay tuned to the Erasmus & ESN URJC network!

Last January ESN URJC had offered a marvellous adventure to our new incoming students: a weekend trip with 2 pa

If your answer for the question “Do you like adventures?” is yes, you should definitely go on Erasmus.

Briefly I will tell you my Erasmus story and then you can decide. September 3rd was the day when I landed in the beautiful city Madrid. I took a taxi from the airport and the driver drove me all around this amazing city. From Puerta de Alcala through Gran Via until Calle de Atocha, where I used to live with 5 amazing people in one flat. 

I’m Guillermo and I am a Spanish Industrial Engineering Student. An Erasmus grant was conceded to me two years ago and thanks to that my view of the world had completely changed. I couldn’t let go of all the good things that being Erasmus meant so I’m volunteering in ESN Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 

How would you feel if at the age of 19 you had the first experience of living alone in a big city in a new country without even knowing their language? Would you believe me If I told you that this experience will turn into the best year you've ever had in your life so far?

Do not miss any event, save the dates of the upcoming trips and stay tuned to the Erasmus & ESN URJC network!

NEWSLETTER 03 - December 2016


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SocialErasmus es un proyecto internacional de ESN que busca la participación de los jóvenes durante su periodo de movilidad en distintas actividades de voluntariado que sirvan para hacer un cambio social y dejar huella.
Con este proyecto además, se promueve la total integración del estudiante en su nueva comunidad además de darles la oportunidad de participar en la mejora de la sociedad.

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¡Hola, chicos!
A través de los posts que iremos publicando en el blog, queremos acercaros un poco más la cultura, la historia y la vida en España. Queremos contaros todas esas cosas que como “españoles de adopción” os interesan y tenéis que conocer.
Hoy, día 12 de octubre es día festivo, es el “Día de la Fiesta Nacional” o “Día de la Hispanidad”. No sólo es importante porque no hay clases, no. Sigue leyendo para conocer toda la historia…

Una parte muy importante de ESN es el proyecto internacional ExchangeAbility , que tiene como objetivos convertir ESN en una asociación más accesible para estudiantes discapacitados en todas las actividades, e incrementar el número de estudiantes con discapacidades que participan en intercambios académicos.

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Esta vez tocaba visitar con el team ESN URJC el Carnaval más famoso de España junto al de Tenerife, EL CARNAVAL DE CÁDIZ, famoso por sus chirigotas, sus desfiles, sus gentes y su ambiente en las calles.

Tras muchos nervios ya estaban aquí los los ESN Welcome Days: dos semanas de actividades non-stop. ¡Y vaya dos semanas!

Do you know the story about the sales? Here it go...

The story starts at 1929. In that year, the society of USA lived one of the worst economics moments of its history: the Crack of the 29. Unemployment reached up to 25%, figures unknown until that moment for the United States and a drama for the society.

Three wise men of chocolate

Do you know about the custom of the three wise men in Spain. Check this post and learn more about this Spanish tradition where magic is possible and dreams can come true easily. Happy three wise men's day.

Unfortunately, the exchange period doesn’t last forever and in a couple of weeks you will probably be travelling to your home country. Before this happens, we recommend you to make sure that you won’t leave Madrid without having crossed the following basic list of must-do’s in the city.