Last January ESN URJC had offered a marvellous adventure to our new incoming students: a weekend trip with 2 parties, paella tasting, Drinkana, visit to Segovia and much more.

The Integrational Weekend officially started when more than 100 international students and 30 ESN coordinators arrived at Salesianos El Encinar hostel, which is only 80 kms far from Madrid.
Upon arrival each of the participants received a badge with their names and country and also a thematic t-shirt with the logo of the event.


The evening continued with the International Dinner where each of us brought a national dish of their country.


Where else can you try the traditional Spanish tortilla, the tasty Belarusian potato pancakes, the yummy Romanian vegetable spread, the delicious Italian pasta and the spicy Asian food at the same time?


This amazing dinner was followed by even cooler 80’s party with crazy retro costumes, dance battles, shot games and lots of laughter! The bravest ones stayed up till the break of dawn, chatting, singing, making new friends and having fun.


Even with crazy parties till the morning we couldn’t have missed the delicious breakfast prepared for us by the ESN team. Maybe it was the orange juice or the cupcakes which gave us the ener

gy for the following presentation.

After the presentation ESN URJC gave us another opportunity to get to know the Spanish gastronomy: they cooked 3 different paellas  in huuuge pans! What can be better than good food, good weather, good drinks and a good company?


The day before all the ESNers told us that the best part of the entire weekend is going to be Drinkana. Imagine team games where you have to drink sangria every time you lose … or win or even during the game.
A funny addition was that every time you were holding your drink with the right hand instead of the left one, everyone started shouting “cherokee” and encouraged you to drink the whole glass.


After having a bit of siesta we dined with delicious pizza and started to get ready for the fiesta. “Tonight, ESN TOGA PARTY!”

On Sunday morning it was time to leave our accommodation and head to beautiful Segovia. A day-trip was just perfect


to enjoy its magnificent sights, such as the Roman aqueduct dating from the 1st century, the Alcazar of Segovia, its Cathedral, the Old Walls and amazing views at the medieval city.

It was indeed an incredible experience where many of us found new friends, learned funny phrases in other languages, tasted specialities from other countries, danced until the morning and saw one of the most beautiful cities of Spain.

We would like to thank you all for participating in this Integrational Weekend because YOU are the ones who made it unforgettable.