A new semester has already started and many students had in the past months looked for a place to stay during their exchange or traineeship. The aim of the HE+ project is to form recommendations for key stakeholders in the field of student accommodation and, in order to achieve that, they need to gather the experiences of different stakeholders and ESN colaborates with them.

As a result, they have launched the HousErasmus+ survey for students to collect the stories of mobile students and trainees! They want to collect the best practices and worst practices around Europe and we need the Network’s help to promote the project and the survey.

Deadline of the Survey: Sunday 1st of May 2016

Prizes: two iPads sponsored to us by Uniplaces

What are you waiting for? Help us filling the survey in http://houserasmus.eu/

The target group of this survey are Students and Trainees who are currently living abroad or have lived abroad in connection to their study or traineeship. As Sections you usually have access to the students from previous semesters and from the current semester through your Facebook groups and mailing lists, we would encourage you to use those channels to reach the target.

We have also set target numbers corresponding to the ESNsurvey 2016 targets. However the aim of this survey is to reach at least 10.000 students and trainees and with the great results of ESNsurvey we know that we can all do this if we collaborate. You can find the targets on the Wiki page: http://wiki.esn.org/projects/houserasmus/survey-for-students