About 2 years ago I applied for Erasmus programme. It was my dream since high school and when I came to university, I was sure that I will go on Erasmus.

My English was not perfect, I had lots of fears but nevertheless I was more than excited. I was happy.

It would take me many pages to write about my first Erasmus, which I have done in Zagreb, Croatia. By the way, I miss you Zagreb. But this time I want to tell you about my second one which was as amazing as the first one. 

I clearly remember the first day I came to my university after the first Erasmus. Some of my groupmates were talking about going on Erasmus. And then I decided that I wanted to study abroad again. And this time, to my dream country - Spain. Everything worked out well and I came to Madrid. It was not my first time going abroad but it was the first time when I went alone. To be honest, there was a lot of stress even though I was doing the thing I really wanted. 

I want to say a huge thanks to ESN Universidad team. Guys, you were amazing. As I mentioned before, I came alone, and these events they had made during the Welcome Days and afterwards, helped me find friends and to have so much fun. Moreover, the trips they had made were amazing. The team had become our friends and I miss them a lot. I will visit them for sure and I would welcome them in Lithuania any time. 

So what is Erasmus for me? It is the experience that had changed me twice. Two different countries, two awesome cities, two international families... I would repeat both of them hundred of times. And I encourage all the students to take this opportunity.


By Dovilė Beržinytė

From Vilnius, Lithuania

Erasmus in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - Fall Semester 2016