If your answer for the question “Do you like adventures?” is yes, you should definitely go on Erasmus.

Briefly I will tell you my Erasmus story and then you can decide. September 3rd was the day when I landed in the beautiful city Madrid. I took a taxi from the airport and the driver drove me all around this amazing city. From Puerta de Alcala through Gran Via until Calle de Atocha, where I used to live with 5 amazing people in one flat. 

My first week in Spain was kinda hard. You don’t know anyone and must get to used to new people, culture and language. Thanks to the ESN team I could meet people rapidly. I started to participate in all the events that they organised. 

One of the favorite trip I could participated in was the “Integrational weekend” . Thanks to this I met amazing people from all around the world but mostly from Finland, Germany and of course great Latinos with whom I spend my whole 5 months in Madrid.  

After that weekend, everything began. Parties not every weekend but even during the week… Isn’t it crazy? Well yes, but every day was different since so we had many places to choose. However, Erasmus isn’t only about party. For example, in my case I had university 5 days a week, so it was a little bit difficult to party all day all night, cuz some of my professors were little bit crazy about absence so kind of “needed” to go to every class. 

Studying in Spanish was double hard for me because this language was basic at that time, but thanks to my Spanish classes and Spanish friends it became even better.  

Remember you can always retake a class but you can’t never retake this experience! That’s an Erasmus motto.

Although during my semester, I discovered so many new places and that’s why I fell in love with Spain so much. If I could, I would stay there even for one year. Or longer... I don’t regret anything. I would regret that I had never applied for Erasmus.

After my semester abroad I can say that it expended my horizons and I’m open minded. If I did it once, I can do it twice. So, don’t waste your turn, new things are waiting for you.


By Kasia Maszczyńska 
From Warsaw (Poland) 
Erasmus in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - Fall Semester 2016