I’m Guillermo and I am a Spanish Industrial Engineering Student. An Erasmus grant was conceded to me two years ago and thanks to that my view of the world had completely changed. I couldn’t let go of all the good things that being Erasmus meant so I’m volunteering in ESN Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 

I could write for hours about my dream year but it’s better if I make it short: I went on Erasmus to Hradec Kralove, a lovely city in Czech Republic where I studied courses about IT and business administration.
Traveling is not just about spending hours looking for the best low cost trip, taking trains, buses and planes, visiting cities and taking pictures. Traveling is about getting to know different cultures, learning to open your mind and understanding that in the world there’s no one like you. We are all unique. I believe that Erasmus is not only for students to learn a new language or meet new people and have foreign friends.

Erasmus seeks to change the mentality of many young people like me. The ones that believed that the world was reduced to a few meters around. Erasmus means opening your mind and realizing there are no limits and I’m so glad I was given this opportunity. 

During my Erasmus year I went to Prague, Pilsen (Czech Republic), Berlin, Dresden (Germany), Kracov, Warsaw (Poland), Amsterdam (Nederlands), Bruge, Brussels, Gent (Belgium), Zadar, Split (Croatia), Bratislava (Eslovaquia), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Coimbra, Porto (Portugal), Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong (China), and of course, my lovely city: Madrid. 

I learned currencies of half Europe, I tasted the cuisine of all countries I have visited and the one from my international friends. I learned how to work in a different university, that had a new dynamic for me and a different way to get students motivated and determined to go to school every day. 


And there is no better way to explain something than an aftermovie which shows the great people you met and the awesome places you've been. 

I think the Erasmus experience only brought me benefits, great improvements in my education, a lot of friends around the world and unforgettable memories. The best experiences in life are those that you don’t want to ever end. I think that's what happened to me and that’s why I am a volunteer in my Spanish University. I would choose to go on Erasmus again and again. 

By Guillermo Martínez
From Madrid, Spain
Erasmus in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) in 2014/2015
Current volunteer in ESN URJC (from the Fall Semester 2015)