Do you know the story about the sales? Here it go...

The story starts at 1929. In that year, the society of USA lived one of the worst economics moments of its history: the Crack of the 29. Unemployment reached up to 25%, figures unknown until that moment for the United States and a drama for the society.

During the “Big Depression”, some companies of retail sales (Abraham & Straus, Filene's, F&R Lazarus & Co, OH and Bloomingdale's), decided to join because of the fall in sales and create the "Federated Department Stores Inc.". This partnership would result, with the passage of time, one of the most popular stores in the United States: Macy's.
That same year, Fred Lazarus Jr. became the first president of this union, and sought to find a solution to the crisis by giving a new sales approach. Created the first lines of credit, with which the customers could buy at that time and pay later.

In the 30’s, Lazarus wanted to revolutionize the sales, giving output to all the clothes that had not been sold during the season and that are piled up in the warehouses. Here come the "Sales". They fix a few days to be able to sell all specific gender surplus, but with a less price. This would be more beneficial than staying at the stores without sell.
In Spain, the “Rebajas” came from the hand of “Galleries Preciados” and the “Corte Inglés” in the 40’s. These two big companies were disputed by putting the lowest prices and here came the Rebajas.

Like every 7nd of January, The Rebajas start tomorrow in Spain, are you ready to find the bargain?