Three wise men of chocolate

There is a custom in Spain every year on the 5th of January. It has been told that three wise men go in to every single house in the country and leave presents for all the kids who believe in them. Their names are: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. There are old men and two of them have a long barb. They are just three so it is a very difficult journey for them… How can they make it possible? It is simple, because they use magic! The legend comes from the Bible times when three kings went to visit the place where Jesus of Nazareth was born. They gave three presents: gold, frankincense and myrrh. All symbols of the importance of the baby.

Nowadays, they don’t leave such presents under the Christmas tree. During the last months of the year, they receive bunches of letters from Spanish children. Boys and girls from Spain write them about their wishes and they prove how good they have been during the whole year… oh well, at least how hard they tried. Before going to bed on the 5th of January, children and parents prepare milk and cookies for the three wise men and their camels. The morning of the 6th, they wake up excited by the amount of gifts they got under tree. Luckily, you will not receive a piece of carbon for being a bad boy and instead you may get a sweet piece of carbon edible for behaving well.

If you are already in Spain in this date, you should go out to the city center in the evening of the 5th and see the wonderful procession where magic is possible and perhaps you can make your last wish to the three men who ride some of the chariots. Anyways, believing it or not, you will have fun and get many candies that are thrown by characters from different movies, king assistants and the wise men. Good luck!